NYC Cocktail Tastings

NYC Craft Cocktails at Sunset Series is now available as a private event at the venue of your choice or aboard one of Classic Harbor Lines fleet of vintage yachts.

 This fun, interactive NYC cocktail event features your choice of theme. Craft liquors, house made fruit infusions, gourmet simple syrups and creative garnishes are used to create up to 5 different signature cocktails with a fresh new spin or traditional flavor. From historical cocktails to modern mixology with tales of distillers, a peek into past and present trends in popular drinks and recipes to recreate your favorite drink at home.

The Bees Knees!
The Bees Knees!

Learn how to balance contrasting flavors, add depth of flavor, what makes each liquor unique and get tips on the best sources for ingredients and pairing spirits with food.

Topics include-

 NYC Centric Cocktails- Many fun and classic drinks were inspired by Gotham! Try the Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem Shake and of course the Classic Whiskey based MANHATTAN! Celebrate NY cocktail culture with Whiskey, Gin and Tequila based drinks. Learn about the history of each drink and imagine yourself drinking with colorful characters from NYC’s golden age as we sail into the sunset. A map of local distillers will be included.

 Swizzles and Tikki time! – Check out kitsch classics with an artisan spin! Tropical juices, muddling, the art of the swizzle and refreshing cocktails for summer! A number of different spirits, syrups, bitters and mixers will be used. Wear your best tropical attire and feel the cool breeze as we sail into the blazing sunset filled with island flavor!

 Nautical Nips, Rum, Rumors and Legends; Tastes and Tales of drinks inspired by the sea! – Sailors helped create punches, cocktails and lots of legends, tales and cocktail lore. Learn about Rum based cocktails using fresh herbs, infusions, syrups, freshly squeezed fruit and artisan sodas. Local and international Rum and other craft spirits will be used. Dress in nautical themed attire and pretend you’re an infamous Rum runner as we sip and sail into the sunset!


Perfect pairings for Whiskey
Perfect pairings for Whiskey

Whiskey, Cheese and Off the Charts Accompaniments!  Including sweet and spicy, smokey additions– Do spirits pair with cheese? What are different flavor profiles and aromas that I should look for when selecting a cheese? How does the method of tasting spirits differ from other beverages? What can I add to the pairing to make the flavors of the spirits and cheese even better? What are the different styles and methods of production associated with whiskey? All this and more will be featured in this interactive tasting!  Sweet and salty accompaniments including artisan caramel and jerky will be served to pair with the cheeses and whiskey.

Please email me for more information


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