Celebrate the History of Women in Wine and Cheese; March 23rd

Join me on March 23rd aboard Yacht Manhattan 2 in NYC for an evening of fascinating facts and tasty tales in the world of wine and cheese.

Statue in Normandy dedicated to Marie Harel, the woman though to have invented the recipe for Camembert

Women had historically been thought of as the bosses of the cheese biz. In many European countries cheese was part of daily duties for ladies of the house. Recipes were lovingly passed down from mother to daughter. When the need for more of certain regional cheeses was called for women started the first dairy cooperatives in France, not only to earn money but also to help other women and form steady business.

In some markets times changed with the rise of commodity production, and women entering the workforce during the World Wars. In the US very little gourmet or craft cheeses were sold outside of big cities. Velveeta, plastic wrapped slices and orange brick cheeses ruled until a few renegade ladies started the craft cheese movement.

In wine it’s been a long time coming for women to gain recognition and break down the barriers. Taste the fruits of their labor paired with local cheeses made by some of America’s best dairy doyennes.

All wines featured will be from boutique producers including Filipa Pato, Julie Benau, Elena Walch and Eva Fricke.

All cheeses will be from small family farms or boutique producers, hand selected the day of tasting.

Tickets available online at Fareharbor,  use code WINETEN for Sassysipsnyc discount.

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