NY Spiced Rye and Apple Punch

The holiday party season will soon be in full swing. While hosting festivities can be great fun, even the most organized host doesn’t always get to spend enough time with guests. One great tip is creating a crowd pleasing punch to break the ice and enable you to enjoy the start of the party.

Festive fall punch for holiday entertaining

Using craft spirits, fresh juices and garnish creates premium punch, essentially a large batched cocktail. Gone are the days of funky blobs of sherbet floating in a pool of canned fruit juice spiked with cheap booze. Punch can be a delicious choice to quickly serve large groups while keeping it classy, and offering something lighter in alcohol to start the evening. Fresh fruit, spices, and local ingredients make this my favorite new weapon for holiday soirees!

5 and 20 Spirits Rye adds a wonderful spicy edge to this punch!

NY Rye and Apple Punch

Mix the following in large glass bowl (at least 18 cups)

2 cups Lairds Apple Jack

2 cups 5 and 20 Spirits Rye, (or your favorite NY Rye)

1 cup Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao

4 cups freshly pressed apple cider

2 cups Fresh OJ, I use Natalie’s

2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 cup NY maple syrup, I use Crown Maple

10 dashes Fee Brothers Cardamom bitters

Orange, apple and lemon slices for bowl

3 cinnamon sticks

Stir in incorporate all ingredients and chill covered in fridge up to 4 hrs. You may serve with large ice balls to keep cold and ladle into glasses of your choice. Enjoy!

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