Pfunds Molkerei, Dresden’s Dairy Wonder

The Cheese Wonder of Dresden

In the late 19th century the farmer Paul Pfund traveled to Dresden with his wife and six cows from Reinholdshain in order to supply the city with healthy milk. He founded Gebrüder Pfund dairy in Dresden in 1880, and over time it evolved to include the sale of condensed milk, milk soap, butter and cheese at their wildly popular brick and mortar shop on Bautzner Straße, where it still stands today.

The beautifully ornate walls, ceilings and counters were designed by local tile masters Villeroy and Boch depicting scenes of cherubs, green pastures and floral motifs interspersed with gild, each panel lovingly hand painted. An elaborately decorated milk fountain flowed with rich farm fresh milk for those wishing to visit the shop instead of receiving their bounty of dairy products by wagon to their home. People have traveled from far and wide to get a peek inside this dairy wonder, and it’s worth the trip. It is indeed one of the grandest cheese shops on the planet!

Today the shop offers a number of cheese related gifts, a vast supply of various accouctrements, an amply stocked cheese counter and the beauty of the ornately decorated interior. Upstairs a cafe serving cheese plates, small bites, ice cream and a selection of local white wines and Bulgarian reds are offered. There is a strict no photo policy in the shop area, but, feel free to snap away upstairs!

Cheese plates are offered with wine or milk pairings!

Of particular interest is the selection of local cheeses including Harzer, a Saxon specialty. Harzer cheese is a German sour milk cheese made from low fat curd cheese, which contains only about one percent fat and originates in the Harz mountain region south of Braunschweig. The white mold style I was served here was delicious, and strangely different from any cheese I’ve tasted. It’s a must try!

Harzer cheese infused with caraway

If cheese isn’t your thing the choices of sundaes, milk shakes and local Saxon specialties are freshly prepared daily. Pfund’s is a great place to sit and relax while sampling some of the best of Saxon’s dairy products. It’s a feast for the eyes, and stomach!

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