Fabulous under $25 Pinot Noir! Domaine Camus-Bruchon Bourgogne 2010


Every Fall my craving for fine Burgundy takes over. It’s comes over me like a strange, uncontrollable, monsterous urge, coupled with a desire to cook vast quantities of Coq au Vin, Beef Bourgogne and other hearty stews. While I long for a 1er Cru my pocketbook doesn’t always support my desire to spend endless evenings with my nose deep in a glass, intoxicated by the sexy, savory aromas of an amazing Burgundy. The need for heat and something equally good to eat tends to override the possibility of spending $50 or more a night on my guilty pleasure.

This fabulous find by winemaker Lucien Camus is the entry level offering Appellation Bourgogne Controlee from Domaine Camus-Brochon,  located in the village of Savigny-les-Beaune, just to the north of Beaune proper. Made from a blend of grapes sourced from parcels located within the Savigny commune its earthy cherry, light truffle notes and smooth silky tannins hits all the right notes for a mere $24 dollars. An incredible value to enjoy with a heady Camembert or roast chicken with Portobello mushroom sauce. The ratio of value to dollar on this wine makes it a must try for any lover of Pinot Noir.

Buy online at Mid Valley Wine

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