We drank! We ate! We conquered! Tapas hopping is tremendous on Calle Laurel, Logrono

Calle de Laurel tapas
This wine speaks of my unique experience in Logrono tapas hoping!

As a hard-core food and wine traveler I research the local spots, dishes and beverage specialties whenever I’m planning a trip. I’ve been known to search endless food and wine porn photos, posts and any info I can find into the local gastronomic culture as if I’m writing a thesis on the subject.

6 bars, 7 winelovers, endless possibilities! Photo by Robbin Gheesling
6 bars, 7 winelovers, endless possibilities! Photo by Robbin Gheesling

My interest in Calle Laurel, an area within the old town section of Logrono, Spain was certainly piqued by articles describing the vast amount of local specialties served up and down a narrow street lined with over 60 small tapas bars and restaurants. Each location has an item unique to their menu, some have a central theme while others boast of secret recipes passed down from previous  generations. It would be shear madness to try to conquer this street filled with culinary wonder in a single evening! Descriptions of travelers that have attempted more than their fair share of merriment has spawned Calle Laurel the nickname “The Trail of Elephants”, as many emerge on all fours, making sounds not unlike those omitting from a herd of sated pachyderms after a night ravaging in the wild.

 While in Logrono I chose to stay closer to the old town so I could do a little pre study of  places I wanted to revisit on a Sunday evening crawl of Calle Laurel planned with friends. So, on our last evening in Logrono, 7 hungry and thirsty winelovers set out armed with a plan of gastronomic proportions! As seasoned pros we managed to walk out on two legs, bellies filled with an a-mazeballs array of tapas, wine smiles from ear to ear and fabulous memories of a perfect evening in a far away land of food and wine culture. My favorite stops are listed below but check the official website of Calle Laurel for daily events and specials!
It's all about the OCTOPUS!
It’s all about the OCTOPUS!
Pulpería La Universidad Founded in 1978 this is the place to enjoy octopus, in MANY forms! From the most incredibly tender

fried version to a simple but deadly preparation Galician style, dressed simply with olive oil and paprika. Also enjoy a Galician wine served in porcelain dishes, a tradition of the region.

Heaven on toast!
Heaven on toast!

 Donosti This brightly lit counter style spot is THE place to stop for foie! Glazed with a sweet violet jam and washed down with a local cider or wine. You will be tempted to order two but save room for their potato and ham croquettes as well. Slamming good!

Mushrooms made by angels!
Mushrooms made by angels!

Angel Bar Who would think 3 stacked mushrooms, doused in a garlic butter and topped with a single shrimp could taste sooooo good? Simplicity rules. This is said to be a secret recipe passed down from Angel Villanueva who opened this gem in 1960. Today his daughter and grandson proudly grill their family secret in view of customers enjoying wines poured from over 20 local vineyards.

Spicy, tasty goodness!
Spicy, tasty goodness!

Meson del Abuelo  This comfy spot is packed with locals eating both at the counter and in a cozy dining room serving steak, chops and seafood. My pick here is the chorizo cooked down with cider, with a bit of the same to wash it down with! A list of over 30 different Spanish wines is offered at an extremely reasonable price.


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