New dates added! Prohibition Era Cocktail Cruise

1920s inspired motor yacht Manhattan
1920s inspired motor yacht Manhattan

I’ve always dreamed of transporting myself back to the Golden Age, the wacky, wonderful era filled with

The Bees Knees!
The Bees Knees!

flappers, fabulous fashion and scandalous tales of infamous NYC women like Tex Guinan. I’d dance the black bottom, canoodle with Rum runners and live the high life while sipping illicit liquors in dimly lit clubs filled with jazz musicians, slick gangster types and party girls! Well, this season I’ve planned a series of  Prohibition Era Cocktail Cruise events to combine my love of the 1920s, NYC speakeasy tales and vintage cocktails!

Rose petal Martini
Rose petal Martini

Inspired by classic cocktail recipes I’ll be crafting modern variations with a twist from the freshest juices, artisan spirits and a selection of flavored simple syrups made in my kitchen! Held aboard Classic Harbor Line’s 1920s inspired motor yacht Manhattan this is sure to be a great event! A special savings is available for readers using code Gatsby online at

Here’s more info and dates! Hope to see you aboard!

Channel your inner bootlegger at this new event inspired by 1920s Prohibition Era cocktails. Learn how to mix some of the most infamous legends and a few classics with a twist! Soak in a bit of history on each cocktail, with tales of Prohibition era life in NYC starting each cruisevesper

As we cruise down the Hudson, music of the Golden Age will accompany our journey into cocktail culture. Watch each drink being mixed and hear details of each local distiller as we sip our way into the 1920s aboard the vintage style Yacht Manhattan. Recipes for each cocktail and a tasting booklet will be given to each participant.

Enjoy a champagne cocktail made with gin and rose syrup at boarding followed by 4 wildly different cocktails including some of the following:

  • Classic Dry Manhattan with a modern spin
  • A Rum based cocktail with local honey and fresh herbs
  • Whiskey-based Swizzle made with an infused artisan syrup inspired by Bostonian politics
  • Vesper, composed of Vodka, Gin & Lillet
  • Speakeasy Classic – a mixed drink inspired by the creations of infamous bartenders of the underground whiskey culture
  • Other variations and exciting recipes will also be explored!

June 20th, 28th- Featuring G’Vine Gin, June liquor!

July 3rd, 17th, 23, 30th       All  Tickets

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