Misto mania, Italian inspiration on the Upper West Side

There is sometimes nothing better than a glass or two with a plate of cured meats, veggies and of course cheese. I’ve found two spots recently to enjoy a great selection of both, Italian style, on the Upper West Side in NYC. Although very different each are great value for one of my favorite meals, misto, served with a crusty bread and wine.

Salumeria Rossi NYC

Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto is a spot I’d walked by on numerous occasions. After my trip to the Friuli region of Italy I decided it was a must try, if only for its insane variety of cured ham and salumi. Built on a unique business model, not only can you sample wines and food in the restaurant you can take home or order online many of the delicacies offered on site.

After checking out the online menu complete with a prosciutto encyclopedia (who knew!) I made a visit for a glass of a red from Cantina Terlano and a selection of meats and cheeses. The wine, a blend of Schiava and Lagrein from Alto Adige was awesome. Its tickling acidity, earthy stone and bright fruit was just the answer for pairing with the savory, silky texture of my pork feast!

Cantina Terlano Red Blend 09

In addition to the meat and cheese menu there is a listing of small tapas style portions of pasta available. The sight and smell of the lasagna and penne bolognese at the table next to me was to say the least tempting! This is a great place to dine with a few friends and sample, both wine and food.  The wine list at Salumeria Rosi is mainly focused on Northern Italy with both your more commonly known varietals to some very interesting selections from the regions of Alto Adige, Friuli and Piedmont. Bottle pricing starts at a reasonable $38 with the average being in the $40-50 range.

Fresh Italian Cheese Selection

A friendly and knowledgeable staff complete with a unique concept make this a must try. Remember to stop by the counter for take home treats!

Glorious Pork!

Another stop in the West sixties, Cafe Fiorello,  although much different, was a delightful experience! Just looking to kill a bit of time before a movie I wandered in Cafe Fiorello for a simple glass of wine.

Wall of Antipasto!

The bar was very crowded but I finally found a seat facing a large glass partition separating me from a dizzying array of deliciousness, an actual wall of misto! As I checked out the wine list I felt I was being interrogated by each dish laid out colorfully before me, they all seemed be screaming, try me, try me!

Impressed  to see a Millbrook Tocia Friulano (one of my favorite NY wines) on the wine list I ordered a glass and pondered over how my server was going to get it over the large glass encasements separating me and the feast he was clearly in charge of. To my surprise I had to reach up to grab my glass over the vast mountain of cheese, meat, seafood and veggies.

I couldn’t resist trying something so went with the fresh Burrata cheese, grilled brussel sprouts and some pretty tasty marinated eggplant. Checking out the rest of the wine list I noticed some reasonable selections from around the globe in addition to a number of Italian wines. I haven’t made it back but can’t wait to try some more of the freshly prepared misto available and a glass or two!



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