Vinous Dwellings; A Liquid Narrative, 2011

Dwelling; To exist in a given place or state

My wine journey is filled with glorious dreams and visions. From concrete jungles to cellars of stone, these are just a few images that took up residence in my glass if even for a moment. A photo captures a given time or place, a state of mind, memories of taste, smell and experience. A  few snippets frozen in time. Seen through my eyes, a glimpse into my vinous adventures……..

Leaving home, memories of a year filled with wonderful wine in Brooklyn, BOE Social Club White
Aromatic reflections, Gewürztraminer in Alto Adige, EWBC 2011
The never-ending quest for the perfect wine and cheese pairing. Friulano and Montasio in Friuli
Stone cold love, the cellars of Carso with Vitovska, EWBC 2011
franciacorta at berlucchi
Warm and bubbly moments,  relishing the last few minutes of 2011 with friends in NY

Here’s to many more visions, travels, tastes and experiences in 2012!




    • Arnold,
      Sure! It’s my feeling exactly. I’ve been taking these type of shots for years now. Helps me remember the feelings and memories associated with each wine. Each wine has its own individual sense of place, what better way to help express that than with an image. There are many different ways to tell a story. Thanks for commenting.


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