Making Corned Beef, Charcutepalooza March Challenge

Over at Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen, (a fab site full of informative foodie information) there’s a year long bloggers challenge involving brining, curing and smoking meat. This month’s task comes just in time for the crazy NY tradition of celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day for a week or more!

Back when I owned my own restaurant I would cook up 250 lbs. of Corned Beef, 50 lbs. of potatoes and carrots, endless cases of cabbage and gallons of Baked Stuffed Potato soup. It would take a week of giant pots boiling night and day to cook the enormous amounts needed to serve the hungry masses that would invade over the holiday/parade weekend.

Honestly I wondered if I ever would want to cook Corned Beef again! When I saw this months challenge I was actually pretty excited to try the method of brining my own Corned Beef, I’ve read about it in one of my ancient cookbooks but have never attempted it. I’ve already asked a few people to come over and participate in a dinner I’m planning with the finished product. I’ll have to think on what wine to serve with this one but leaning toward a dry Gewurztraminer from Alsace. Watch for post of dinner complete with a selection of pickled veggies on the side.

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