Kelso of Brooklyn on the High Seas, A Evening of Beer and Cheese!

I have become increasingly interested in local beers over the past year. For one of my consulting jobs I’ve had the chance to taste and pair a number of beers with cheeses as well as tapas. One of my favorite brewers is Kelso of Brooklyn. Kelly Taylor’s style and use of  innovative flavors are just what I’m looking for when my mood changes to all things beer.
At a recent event in the NY harbor I paired a number of Kelso’s beers with a selection of cheeses from Murray’s on Bleecker. While many where interesting these 3 pairings where voted the best overall.
 I especially liked the Carroll Garden Wit with the Hudson Red. It reminded me of Gewurztraminer and Muenster a classic pairing from the Alsace region of France. Kelly’s Wit has a slightly floral, fruity note with a spicy finish that was amazing with the slightly stinky, beefy, buttery goodness of the Hudson Red! Kelly just couldn’t wrap himself around this cheese but he had to admit it was the favorite pairing of the evening.
 Many brewmasters will argue the fact that beer is a better pairing with cheese than wine. I think it depends on the cheese and it is always fun to compare. I sometimes serve both and have a vote at the end of the evening. I will be designing a menu for Kelly’s beers later in the month for a beer and tapas event. Stay tuned for updates but for now enjoy these… 
Kelso IPA paired with——–

Grand Cru Sur Choix Gruyere
USA , Wisconsin
Pasteurized Whole Cows Milk
Veggie Rennet
Age- 12 months

Smooth nutty and slightly bold with perfectly formed holes. Extreme care is taken to age these large wheels of semi firm cheese with a finish of slowly simmered beef broth. The fruit profile of the IPA stands up to the savory flavors of this cheese without overpowering it.

Kelso Carroll Garden Wit paired with———

Twin Maple Farms Hudson Red
USA, Ghent, NY
Raw Cow
Veggie Rennet

The little town of Ghent is filled with cutting edge cheese makers! This washed rind has a reddish outer crust with a slightly funky aroma typical of this style of cheese. The paste has a slightly sweet clover honey taste with a buttery, floral finish. The flavors of chamomile, orange and floral notes in the beer are the perfect compliment to the sweet buttery paste of this cheese. Try the pairing with and without the rind.

Kelso Recessionator paired with——

Cambozola Black Label
Pasteurized Cow
Veggie Rennet

What you don’t like Bleu cheese? This smooth creamy Bavarian cheese is the best of both worlds. A cross of Camembert and Gorgonzola with an extra creamy texture not found in regular Cambozola, a gray mold rind adds an extra layer of flavor as well to this unusual cheese. Slight punch but delicious silky mouth feel. Add some cherry jam and brown bread for an exceptional pairing experience. Like cream in your coffee this pairing is sure to win over even the most hard core wine/cheese geeks.

Check out Kelso and Murray’s online

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