Seriously Sexy Cheese, Shushan Snow

One great benefit to my new diggs is the amazing Bedford Cheese Shop in Williamsburg.  Sourcing rare deliciously stinky wonders from small farms it is quickly becoming one of my  favorite stops on the way home.  A vast array of cured meats, interesting accompaniments and an extremely informative staff make this shop worth the trip from anywhere in NYC but I’m lucky to be a few short blocks away.

On a recent visit to select a few bloomy rind cheeses for a client that craves silky, creamy cheeses I discovered “Shushan Snow. This Camembert style sheep’s milk cheese hails from 3 Corner Field Farm in Shushan, NY. With a white fluffy snow like rind and a decedent creamy, gooey, earthy center it just may be the sexiest cheese on the planet! Aromas of straw, wet stone and clotted cream waft from it’s pretty white petite wheel.

I would suggest a dry crisp white or a lighter style Pinot Noir as you don’t want to overpower the flavors of this little beauty. I paired it with Ravines Wine Cellar’s Pinot Noir 07 from the Finger Lakes region of NY state. The bright acidity, very light oak and flavors of cranberry and white cherry complemented the earthy flavors of the cheese while the acidity cleansed the creamy butterfat from the palate. A great pairing!

For more info and ordering details visit these sites.

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