Comte- Cheese of the Month

The flavors and aromas of artisanal cheese are just as complex as a great glass of wine. Many things contribute to these flavors including the feed of the animal, whether the milk was sources in the morning or evening, the grazing practices of the animal and the blending of milk to add different flavor profiles.

Comte is one of the most diverse cheeses when it comes to aromas.It is also one of the first cheeses I fell in love with! Made from a blend of milks it is a cooperative cheese. Large wheels are aged and tenderly cared for eventually earning one of 2 gradings by the AC of it’s region in the Jura mountains of France. It even has it’s own flavor/aroma wheel that boasts over 100 different characteristics.

I like to pair this cheese with a Finger Lakes Cabernet Franc or a Loire Valley Red Sancerre. For those that prefer whites it would also go quite well with a bigger white like a oaky honeyed Chardonnay.

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